Prof. Dr Dragica Vujadinović Feministička perspektiva u sociologiji u Srbiji – Doprinosi Marine Blagojević, Slobodanke Nedović, Žarane Papić i Anđelke Milić, “Sto godina sociologije u Srbiji”, Srpsko sociološko društvo, Beograd, 2012

This text advocates the position on the fundamental cognitive-theoretical and methodological significance of introducing a feminist perspective into the dominant currents of sociology. In the background of this attitude is the belief, first, that the tendency of practical establishment of gender equality in modernity is an expression of the emancipatory tendency to meet the civilizational standards of universal equality of all citizens while respecting individual and group differences; second, that any persistence in sociology on the invisibility of the gender perspective or the rejection of the feminist critique of dominant sociology carries with it a retrograde intention to reproduce the patriarchal legacy of gender inequality; and third, that sociology — if it is to encompass the fundamental social processes and relations of modern society — is tasked with incorporating a gender-sensitized way of thinking, crystallized from the best results of feminist critique of traditional sociology, into the initial assumptions, theoretical paradigms, and methodological procedures.

In recent decades, the feminist perspective has been included in the mainstream of thought, in the so-called “Mainstream” sociology, in the developed countries of the West. In contrast, the dominant streams of opinion in the sociology of Serbia (as an independent state and as part of the former Yugoslavia) remained largely gender insensitive during the same period, closed to the feminist perspective. Despite that, a significant number of authors of sociological provenance in Serbia in a growing number persist in gender-sensitive studies of social reality. Among them, four authors have a pioneering role, to whose work and contributions this text is dedicated to the sociology of Serbia, and they are: Slobodanka Nedović, Žarana Papić and Andjelka Milić and Marina Blagojević.