Lecture of Dragana Ćirić Milovanović “Disability Rights Advocacy and Empowerment of Women and Girls with Disabilities”

With the support of UN Women, University of Belgrade Faculty of Law organized bilingual conference “Gender (In)Equality of Persons with Disability”. An important part of the conference that was held on 20 September 2021 was keynote presentation on disability rights advocacy and empowerment of women and girls with disabilities. Presentation was delivered by Dragana Ćirić Milovanović, Director of European programs of Disability Rights International.

Dragana Ćiric Milovanović is Director of European Programs of the Disability Rights International. She is also a founder of Mental Disability Rights Initiative in Serbia (MDRI-S), an affiliate of Disability Rights International, founded in 2008 to support national advocacy movement of persons with intellectual, cognitive and psycho-social disabilities and perform oversight of their human rights in Serbia. Her work includes monitoring of and reporting on human rights of persons with disabilities, especially those placed in segregated settings, work on public policies, national, regional and world-wide advocacy, capacity building, and raising public awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities. Dragana is an author of numerous reports and publications on disability rights in Serbia. Dragana holds MA in Psychology and a Certificate in Rational – Emotive – Behavioral Therapy (REBT) of Albert Ellis Institute.