Lecture of Kosana Beker “Intersectional Discrimination of Women with Disability”

With the support of UN Women, University of Belgrade Faculty of Law organized bilingual conference “Gender (In)Equality of Persons with Disability”. An important part of the conference that was held on 20 September 2021 was keynote presentation on intersectional discrimination of women with disability. Presentation was delivered by Kosana Beker, international expert.

Kosana Beker is Program Director of Women’s Rights Organization FemPlatz. She holds PhD at the Center for Gender studies of The Association of Centers for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies and Research at the University of Novi Sad. Ms. Beker completed her master’s degree in gender studies at UN mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica, and she got her BA degree at the Law Faculty at the University of Belgrade. Her fields of interest are human rights and antidiscrimination, and her specialties are gender equality and women’s rights, especially women from multiply marginalized groups. She is author of numerous working papers, publications, research in the field of anti-discriminatory law, gender equality and human rights of marginalized groups. She is a member of ANED – the Academic Network of European Disability Experts.