Book “Law and gender in education and practice”, Isabel Ribes Moreno (directora) y Teresa Pontón Aricha (coordinadora), Thompson Reuters / Aranzadi, Cizur Menor (Navarra), 2022.

The edited volume “Law and gender in education and practice” is an additional result to LAWGEM Project, since it contains papers presented at the international congress that University of Cadiz organized from 19th to 20th July 2021, to address the impact of gender in education and professional practice. The editor of the book is Prof. Dr. Isabel Ribes Moreno, Coordinator of the LAWGEM Project in the University of Cádiz, while coordinator is Doc. Dr. Teresa Pontón Aricha from the University of Cadiz.

After a foreword in Spanish and English written by Dr. Jesús Cruz Villalón, Full Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Seville, the content of the book is comprised of two parts. Part I is dealing with the importance of gender in professional activity. This first part begins with the literal transcription of the lecturer given at the congress by the Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Dr. J. Kokkot, entitled “Impact of Gender Perspective on Legal Profession: useful or harmful”. The following papers are based on a comprehensive review on the impact of gender on Labour and Social Security Law, firstly by Dr. Lj. Kovačević, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, addressed “Access to employment and genderbased discrimination”. Secondly, Dr. T. Kahale Carrillo, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, tackled on “Discrimination against women in the implementation of artificial intelligence systems and algorithms”. Thirdly, the PhD student at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade Ms. M. Kuzminac approached “The relation between family duties and gender pay gap as manifestation of gender inequality in the European Union. Afterwards, Dr. M.T. Alameda Castillo and Dr. D. Pérez del Prado, associate professors at Carlos III University presented the study on “Talking about Gender and Remuneration in Higher Education in Spain”. This part is reinforced with two contributions on ILO Convention 190 on violence and harassment at work, by Dr. F. Fuentes Rodríguez, Associate Professor, Department of Labour Law and Social Security, University of Cádiz, analyzing “Gender-based cyberviolence at work”, on the other hand, the Master’s Student at the Department of Labour and Social Security Law, University of Sao Paulo Faculty of Law, Ms. C. Valadares Chaves presented a paper on “Harassment and Gender: an analysis of ILO Convention no. 190 during the Covid-19 crisis”. Within this first part, other disciplines offer their perspective about Law and gender. Thus, Dr. A.I. Berrocal Lanzarot, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, deals with “The comprehensive protection of minors in front of violence. Present and future in Spain”. Closing the section, several Master’s and PhD students submitted papers: Ms. L.A. Schmitz, PhD candidate, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Philosophy of Law

and Comparative Law at the University of Cologne, presented the chapter on “The role of gender for the legitimisation of behavioral and sanctioning norms”, next Ms. A. Pavlović, PhD student, aculty of Law, University of Belgrade, dealt with “Gender equality and women with disabilities”. Finally, Ms. M. Hernández Romero, student in the master’s in international Relations and Migrations (University of Cádiz) provided a written study about “Gender coloniality: a study of the role of Sahrawi women in the struggle for selfdetermination”.

The second part of the book is devoted to the role of education in raising awareness of gender equality. The first contribution consists of a literal transcription of the lecturer given at the congress by the Full Professor at the University of Berkeley, Dr. D. B. Oppenheimer on “Leveraging technology to teach gender equality law”. Two papers were presented in this axe: the first on “The gender perspective and the cooperative teaching-learning method in the study of Labour Law, by Dr. R. Poquet Catalá, Lecturer at the University of Valencia, and the second, by Dr. G. González Agudelo, Professor at the Universidad de Cádiz, which deals with “Gender and criminality, how are intersectionality and the decolonial turn incorporated into social studies?”.

The institutions that financially contributed to this publication are: the University of Cadiz, through the Faculty of Labour Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Rector’s Delegate to the Equality and Inclusion Policy, and the collaboration of the project “RTI2018-097917-B-100. Retos del Derecho del Trabajo español ante la doctrina del Tribunal de Justicia en materia de política social y derechos fundamentales”.