“Economic Empowerement of Women” (Feminist Legacy in Legal Theory and Practice – Round Table V)

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University of Belgrade Faculty of Law organized from 30 June – 1 July 2022 as the LAWGEM Multiplier Event No.4 conference entitled “Feminist Legacy in Legal Theory and Practice”. The conference was focused on the topics of the Textbook Dragica Vujadinović, Mareike Fröhlich, Thomas Giegerich (eds), “Gender-competent legal education” (Springer Nature, Cham, 2022), which has been one of the main intellectual outputs of the LAWGEM project. The round tables however encompassed the wider context related to the most actual gender issues and with the participation of the prestigious key note speakers.

Round Table V entitled “Economic Empowerement of Women” was moderated by Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović and Dr. Mareike Fröhlich. First part of the Round Table was dedicated to “Gender Economics – Integrating Gender Equality in Economics and Management: Opportunities and Challenges”. In that sense, Prof. Dr. Antonio Martuscelli examined the isse of “Economic Empowerement of Women”, while Assist. Prof. Nikola Ilić analyzed the issue of “Gender Pay Gap”. Second part of the Round Table was entitled “Gender, Business, and the Law”, with lectures of Prof. Dr. Tatjana Jevremović Petrović (“Female Entrepreneurship”) and Prof. Dr. Jelena Lepetić (“Women in Corporate Boards”), while Prof. Dr. Eleonor Kristoffersson and Prof. Dr. Teresa Ponton Aricha spoke about “Gender Equitable Taxation”.