International Conference `Gendering Law: Challenges and Perspectives`

International Conference `Gendering Law: Challenges and Perspectives` was held on October 6-7 2022, in Palermo, Italy. It was organized by University LUMSA, as part of the scientific project “New Quality in Education for Gender Equality – Strategic Partnership for the Development of Master`s Study Program Law and Gender (LAWGEM)”, as LAWGEM Multiplier Event No. 5. Scientific Committee of the Conference consists of: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Carapezza Figlia, Prof. Dr. Marco Cedro, Prof. Dr. Marco Evola, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Puma Organizing Committee: Dr. Adriana Brusca, Dr. Giuseppe Di Giacomo Pepe, Dr. Nicola Di Napoli, Dr. Francesco Disalvo, Dr. Matteo Florena, Dr. Danila Mazzamuto, Dr. Vincenzo Mignano, and Dr. Ruggero Picone. The conference has been the final dissemination event within the LAWGEM project.

The conference was opened with panel “Protecting Women against Violence”, chaired by Doc. Dr. Ivana Marković. Speakers were Dr. Antonio Balsamo (Presidente del Tribunale di Palermo), `International Crimes against Women`; Prof. Dr. Susanne Strand (University of Orebro), `Crimes against Women in time of Pandemics`, and Prof. Dr. Filippo Romeo (Unikore), `Civil Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence: the Innovations Introduced by the Law No. 206/2021`.

Panel “Women in Migration Flows” was chaired by Prof. Dr. Marco Evola (Università LUMSA), while speakers were: Prof. Dr. Francesca Mussi (Università di Trento), `Migration Flows and the Protection of Women’s Rights`; Dr. Federica La Chioma (Pubblico Ministero – Tribunale di Palermo) `Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Migrant Women Questions and Answers`, while final remarks were made by Prof. Dr. Thomas Griegerich (Universität des Saarlandes),

Next panel was entitled “Gender Equality and Family Law”. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Carapezza Figlia (Università LUMSA). Speakers were Prof. Dr. Camilla Crea (Università del Sannio) `Gender Stereotypes and Rape Myths: the Italian Style` and Prof. Dr. Enrico Al Mureden (Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna), `Children’s Names and Gender Equality: the Case Law of the Italian Constitutional Court Questions and Answers`.

Final remarks were made by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Carapezza Figlia (Università LUMSA).

Finaly, panel “Women and Economic Growth” was chaired by Prof. Dr.Eleanor Kristofferson (University of Orebro), while speakers were:

Dr. Francesca Costanza (Università LUMSA ), `Gender Perspective in

Organizations: a CSR View`; Prof. Dr. Antonio Martuscelli (Università LUMSA), `Gender Inequality in the Labour Market`, Prof. Dr. Roberta Alfano (Università Federico II di Napoli) and Dr. Sofia Paola Alfano (Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna), `Taxation Policies and Gender Discrimination`.

Panel “Protecting Women against Violence”


Panels “Women in Migration Flows” and “Gender Equality and Family Law”


Panel “Women and Economic Growth”

  1. Strand, presentation”Violence towards Women During the Pandemic” Presentation PDF
  2. Martuscelli, presentation “Gender Inequality in the Labour Market”  Presentation PDF
  3. F. Costanza, presentation ” Gender Perspective in Organizations: a CSR View” Presentation PDF